Historically Dressed
by Jenni Lithgow

Dear costuming friends,

I started this web site many years ago, knowing very little about HTML, and before CSS was even really a thing. Over the years, I had fun learning some CSS, and even figuring out some JavaScript. Meanwhile, in "real life," I was working as a business analyst.

A little over four years ago, I decided I wanted a career doing something I really enjoy, so I went back to school to study computer science, with the idea that I could pursue web development as a career, and not just a hobby in my spare time.

I recently graduated with my computer science degree, and with a whole new well of programming skills to draw from, some of which I learned at school, and some of which I learned on my own, because as it turns out, once you've tackled those first couple of languages and learned how to "think like a programmer," you can really apply it to anything!

Meanwhile, as I've learned so much more, I've realized that this little web site, once my pride and joy, was actually terrible, mostly in that it was using out of date HTML/CSS, and really never even properly using CSS to begin with. I'm working on a brand new version of the site which will be much more fancy and modern! Typically when I am working on a new look for the web site, I leave the old one up, but as I'm job hunting right now, I didn't want this embarassment of a web site out there, making it look like I was a terrible web developer! So, I've taken the site offline for now, but rest assured, it will be back, and better than before.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll be back to see the new look in the near future!