Returning Heroes Ball
February 25th, 2006

On February 25th, my neice and I attended the annual Returning Heroes Ball sponsored by the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers. As always, we were running a bit late, but not nearly so late as we have been known to be in the past, LOL!

This time, I remembered to take a picture of the hall from the outside, because I thought it looked so lovely, with the snow falling. Unfortunately, this time around, there were not many dancers close to the windows, so you don't get the full effect of looking back in time. Better luck next time!

Sydney and myself, in our 1860s finery:

And look! I finally got my hair the way I wanted! Well, sort of. I'd have liked those curls to be a little neater, but. . . Still! Curls! Instead of just a bun with flowers stuck on top! Yay!

My blogging buddy Tammy and her friend on the left, and Tammy and another dancer on the right:

An assortment of pictures from the ball:

Don't ask. Just don't ask. ;P


I love this picture of Syd. If it had a prettier background, I think it would look like a portrait.

Incidentally, Syd and I spent a lot of time in that hall, seeing as how we remembered everything we needed for the ball, except one small little itsy bitsy tiny thing: a tapestry needle. Meaning, we couldn't lace our bodices, since neither of us have finished binding our eyelets yet. Gah! Fortunately, a fabulous lady walked by, and was so good as to give up some of her time at the ball to lace my bodice. Wish I knew her name/had her email because I'd love to write her a nice thank-you. She really saved the day! And thanks to her husband too, for so patiently hanging around while his wife worked her magic. :)

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