Returning Heroes Ball
February 26th, 2005
The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers sponsored a lovely 1860s ball this past weekend in Holliston MA. While I arrived quite late (last-minute sewing, as always!) and therefore only got to enjoy the second half of the ball, I have to say that it was a fantastic time. Even with the late arrival, I managed to dance a waltz and and the Virginia Reel and it was fun! I also thought that some of the costumes were absolutely out of this world. One of my favorites was a green changeable silk gown with flowers tastefully cascading down it. I'm very sorry I did not have my nice camera so I could take better pictures of this and all the other lovely gowns!
There I am in the picture on the left, wearing my new apricot gown. I'm not happy with the trimmings, but as I only got around to trimmings on Saturday afternoon, I had to go as is! The lovely young lady on the right is my niece, Sydney. This was her first ball, and her first ball gown, which we collaborated on - is it not lovely? It's a copy of an 1862 fashion plate (though we ran out of time for her bodice trimmings as well).

Because the digital camera is on vacation with my husband, I was reduced to using the "old-fashioned" kind which actually use film (shocking!), and unfortunately, it doesn't like to take nice pictures. So, although Syd and I did have someone take our picture, it didn't come out too well because my camera was not happy with the lighting, etc. (As you see, most of the pictures on this page are completely yellow and blurry, or else totally overwhelmed by the flash). So if you were an attendee of the ball and happen to have pictures of either or us, or better yet, the pair of us together, I would be so happy if you could share them! If they are digital, you can email me, and if not, email me and I'll happily pay for copies to be made and mailed to me. . . Thank you! :)
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