Thirteenth Grand Ball at the Nahant Town Hall
July 10th, 2004
For a couple of years, I've been trying to make plans to attend one of the lovely balls put on by the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers. This year, after much last-minute sewing drama, (including sewing in the car on the way to the ball), I finally made it!
At right is me modeling my finished (or at least, wearable) gown outside the Nahant town hall. (And above, my husband and I posing beside the front steps of the town hall). I still plan to add trimmings to the dress, and I might also be moving the hooks and eyes around a bit since they are slightly visible.
This is my friend Carmen and I. We had been chatting online for quite some time, and I was so happy to be able to meet her in person. She was so lively and fun, and encouraged Glenn and I to get out there and try the dancing, which was great because Glenn and I are kind of shy and would probably have been wallflowers otherwise. Also, I'm indebted to her for so kindly giving me a pair of gloves because I had none and let time run out for getting to shop for some. And one can't go to the ball gloveless, shocking!
And now I give you assorted pictures of the attendees of the ball. Some are blurry, but I left them in because I liked them anyhow. . .

(Sorry, this one came out a little weird because a switch accidentally got switched on my camera. Makes it look a little like a colorized black and white photo I thought, so I left it in!)
Glenn was quite the popular guy. He got asked by two ladies to dance! And, he also ended up dancing with a guy as a result of this one particular dance where it starts off with eight ladies and ten men, and the ladies stand in the corners of the room, while the men circle around until someone blows the whistle. Then they have to scramble to get a lady, and the two left without partners have to finish the dance themselves! (I have no pictures of that to share at present, probably much to Glenn's relief!)
Carmen's friend asked me to dance the Virginia Reel. I was so nervous because this was my first ball, and I had no idea how to dance it, but I was glad I did because it was so much fun! It was kind of neat too because I had been watching Gone With the Wind while sewing that morning, and the Virginia Reel is one of the dances Scarlett and Rhett dance to! Also, I met another girl who wants to start a sewing group with me, and she got asked to dance this one too, which made it easier. It's always good knowing you're not the only one who's never done a thing before!
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