King Richard's Faire
October 18, 2014
I'd missed a couple of years of going to the Faire, so I was determined to get to go this year, and managed to squeeze it in just in time, on the last weekend of King Richard's Faire. The good news is, it was wonderfully warm. The other good news is, I got to make use of my new shift and accessories I'd been working on!
Finished 16c ensemble for Faire, front
Finished 16c ensemble for Faire, back
I had been planning to just go on my own, but my husband was kind enough to offer to go with me, and I think even he ended up having a good time! We did archery, watched a few shows, and of course, had to see the joust. We selected where to sit at random, and ended up with a Scottish knight! This is so appropriate since I am Scottish, and had I been seated elsewhere, I'd probably have been cheering this knight anyhow. ;)
King Richard's Faire Joust Scottish knight
I was impressed that he was wearing a kilt with this armor!
KRF Joust Scottish knight
That would have been the highlight of this year's Faire for me, but then. . . I met King Richard himself! SO AWESOME!!!
Jenni and King Richard himself!
So it was a perfect year at the Faire, and I can't wait for next year!
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