King Richard's Faire
October 16, 2010
On a chilly yet pretty afternoon in New England, three costumers headed out to enjoy the amusements at King Richard's Faire.
Me with a red cape, and Carly with a basket. . . How could I not get all Red Riding Hood? ;)
We watched the joust, where we cheered for the black knight!
Sydney managed her correspondence, 16th century style. . . Not! Ha ha. . .
Two nice friends, right?
That's what I thought until she beat me with her rolled-up Faire map! But to be fair, she was only filling in for Sarah, who usually has the job of keeping me in line. ;)
And finally, the classic shoe shot. . .
Conclusion: Faire was great fun! And we'll go again next year, but earlier in the season so we aren't freezing (hence the jacket over Syd's lovely Italian Renaissance gown), and next time, I might even finish a dress to wear over my kirtle!
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