Costume College 2005
July 29th - 31st, 2005
Costumes from out & about on Friday & Saturday:
My green Regency dress
    Katherine's embroidered Regency dress, pink taffeta spencer, and vintage/antique shawl
Assorted costumes (names where I know them):
(Not sure who is on the left, but I think the lovely vintage gal on the right is named Lauren)
(Again, not sure on the left, but that's Kendra in the red & white striped bustle ensemble)
(On the left, Cindy in her Friday dress, then in her Saturday dress in the middle, and at the right, Katherine models her Padme dress)
Saturday night's Gala:
Costumes from out & about on Sunday:
(My blue & white floral jacket, now with a new blue linen petticoat, and look at those buckled shoes! Yay!)
(Katherine's 1910s ensemble, which are copies of a blouse and skirt in her collection. Doesn't she look so "Titanic" on the right?)
(Cindy's amazing white and blue natural form beauty. She drafted these patterns herself!)
(I think her name is Lauren on the left in the amazing bustle ensemble, and on the right is Valerie, who made one of her Regency dresses out of a shower curtain, and I'm pretty sure this is the one - genious!)
(Right. Here are three dorky-in-the-good-way costumers admiring themselves in front of this excellant, well-placed mirror at the Airtel Plaza, and taking pictures because this is, like, the best mirror I've ever used! You can see from head to toe, all sides, and all on the way from your hotel room to wherever. Very handy!)
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