Antique & Repro Dolls
This is my third attempt at a French Fashion doll, but my first time with this mold, which may or may not be Bell MD2027. (That mold should yield a doll that has a finished height of 15", but as this doll head is much larger than the heads for my 18" dolls, I'm questioning if this is the right mold, or if the assessment of her finished size was just really that off!) I made a mistake and chose a shade of red that is much too dark for her lips, but then decided to go with it, and so instead of being an attempt at a reproduction French Fashion doll, this is more of a modernized take on it. I'm hoping to still make her some 19th century clothing, but I'm going to use colors and fabrics that give her more of a gothic look. We'll see how she turns out!
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