Miss Fanny Pigeoncheeks
I fell completely in love with French Fashion dolls from the moment I first saw one, and knew I'd have to have one! Actual antique FFDs being out of my present budget, I went searching for a reproduction. This is my first repro FFD in my collection. She is about 15" tall, and her head is marked with "4" and "F.G." which I supposed stands for her size, and that she's made after a Gaultier doll. I'm not sure what mold she was made from though, as that was not mentioned in the auction!
I found Fanny as a head and some limbs on eBay. Here is what arrived. . .
I bought eyes and a wig for Fanny, and set about making her a body. This seemed to work okay at first, but after a couple of months, the sawdust had settled and now Fanny is floppy!
So, next projects for her involve making a new body (and this time, from my own pattern, because I wasn't completely happy with the one I used, as it caused her to constantly be hunched, and neither sit or stand properly!) and then a new wig. (I made one wig already, but won't post it as it was more of a learning experience than a proper wig!) Also, I've made a chemise for Fanny, but won't continue making clothing until her body is sorted out. . . So, lots of sewing fun for Fanny ahead of me in 2012!
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