Green Printed Cotton Dress, c. 1795-1800

Simple cotton dress, lined in cotton, and closing at the back with both ribbon ties and hooks and eyes. A combination of machine and hand sewing was used. The pattern is from La Mode Bagatelle’s “Regency Wardrobe.”
Dress Diary
Today I began cutting out this dress. It feels really strange to not be making a muslin, but hey, this fabric was only $1/yard, so I just need to think of it as a more colorful muslin! ;)
After wasting too much time on the computer, I was feeling guilty, and decided to walk through and grab the first sewing project on the shelf and work on it. . . And so now this dress is half way done! The bodice is assembled, the sleeves pinned in, and so now I just need to finish those sleeves and add the skirt panels.
It's almost completely done now! All that's left is the hem and creating a casing for a tie at the waist. Not too shabby!
Today I attended a tea with the Ladies' Tea Guild, and therefore finally did the hem and such on this dress. A very simple but comfortable and pretty dress, if I do say so myself!
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