Dotted Swiss Dress

Dress of white dotted Swiss, hand sewn with cotton thread, from a self-drafted pattern.
Dress Diary
I've decided to make a new dress for this year's Massachusetts Costumers Regency picnic. I'll be hand-sewing this dress, which will made of white dotted swiss cotton. It will close in the back, and have short puffed sleeves with detachable full length sleeves. Or, it may end up being a bib-front, and/or have plain full-length sleeves. We'll see!
Sketch of potential design for dress
This was one of those dresses where I seem to have neglected taking pictures of it as I went along, because it was fairly simple and was sewn up before I knew it! I was able to wear it to our picnic this year (though I do still need to finish some inner seams, such as the sleeve seam, which you can totally tell from the picture below. . . Oops! I'll get that done for next time!)
Finished dotted swiss dress at the Regency picnic, 2013
And a quick shot of the whole group together:
Regency picnic, 2013
Just adding a couple of pictures from our recent Holiday Tea, as I wore the dress again and thought these pictures turned out nice!
Outsdie Gore Place, Waltham MA, for the Holiday Tea 2013
At the piano. . .
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