Organdy Dress, c. 1869-74

Dress in white organdy, lined in white cotton, and trimmed with pink silk. A combination of machine and hand sewing was used, and the patterns are all of my own invention.
Dress Diary
Too many watchings of "The Buccaneers" has resulted in me needing a frothy white early 1870s ensemble! I'm thinking organdy, and then trimmings in silk, which will probably be pink. . .
Here's a funny story: I've got sewing elves. At least, that's the only explanation I can come up with for how, several months back, I pulled out the organdy I bought for this dress because I wanted to steal a bit of it to make a new 18th century cap. To my surprise, when I unfolded the organdy, I found a partially assembled dress, as well as patterns that I drafted from scratch for this dress! I have no recollection of cutting or assembling this fabric at all. I do vaguely remember playing around with patterning the ensemble, but seriously, I can't remember actually starting the "real" dress! And I mean, this thing has neatly finished seams inside and everything!

Photographic proof that I have elves (or, that my mind is beginning to go):
Partially assembled dress, as theoretically sewn by my apparent sewing elves. . .
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