Underpinnings, c. 1871-4

Corset from an 1870s pattern, in silk taffeta and cotton twill, machine-sewn with silk thread. Bustle in cotton from Truly Victorian's #108, "Grand Bustle." Chemise, drawers, and petticoat of white cotton.
Dress Diary
Over the weekend, I worked on my "Grand Bustle" from Truly Victorian's #108, and it is almost done! I took some pictures comparing it to Truly Victorian's #101 bustle, and was pleased to find that the #108 definitely is a little bigger, and the additional hoops at the bottom should also help create a bigger silhouette. Since I'm intending this bustle to be used for my evening dress, bigger is better! ;)
Bustle comparison, Truly Victorian 101 vs 108
I also got a start mocking up and fitting an early 1870s corset pattern that I found, and think that, with a few alterations I've made, the fit is about as perfect as it can be! As soon as my busk arrives, I'll be able to begin construction of the real deal. . . (Or sooner, if I run out of patience and pilfer a busk from an old, no-longer-used corset!)
Taffeta may not be the most intelligent choice of fabric for a corset, but it makes me incredibly happy, so I'm not regretting the decision to use it! I'm kind of at a stand still with this project since I'm about to run out of both thread and taffeta. So, I'll need to get more thread, and figure out if I want to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get another yard of fabric so I can do the binding in the same fabric, or if I want to choose something else to bind it with. . . Decisions, decisions!
Pink slik taffeta corset, 1871.
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