Knights in Shining Armour Circle Skirt, 1954

When I found out I would be going to the Higgins Armory museum, I knew that I finally had my excuse for making a very silly circle skirt appliqued with knights on horseback! Skirt made of felt lined with mystery lining fabric from my stash, with trimmings of velvet ribbons, felt, and more beads and sequins than you can shake a stick at. All applique/trimming work was done by hand by myself and, to make it really a special project, with help from my Granny (who taught me to sew in the first place)!
Dress Diary
On the sewing table, I've got a big wearable craft project going on. . .
Knights skirt in progress, and supplies. . .
And that's all you get to see so far on that, since clearly, I am a tease! Rest-assured, it will be very silly and frivolous, and in fact, may only be worn the one time. . . But is worth every stitch going in to it because I'm having a ball with it, and more over, my Granny (who taught me to sew and got me going on loving to make wearable things in the first place) is having fun with it too and insisted on helping me with a little of the hand sewing. A project always increases enjoyment-wise when you have good company and good memories sewn right in!
I have finished my mystery project, and am ready to reveal it!
Knights in Shining Armor skirt, finished!
This crazy skirt was made from a 1950s McCall's pattern I had laying around in my stash:
McCall's 1851

Modeling the skirt in the Armory
This is one of those patterns I have had in my stash for a while, and probably bought because it was whimsical and made me laugh, but never actually believed I'd make. . . Until my husband volunteered to do a 501st event at the Higgins Armory museum in Worcester, MA. This is a museum that is nothing but suits of armour, swords, and things like that. You know you've found the right place when you roll up to a building that looks like a fortress and has a giant knight looming over the top of the building!
Higgins Armory
Glenn stayed very busy taking tons of pictures with padawan-sized Star Wars fans as part of the Higgins Armory's "Star Wars day" event, but I managed to steal him long enough to get a picture of the both of us. . .
Posing with my Storm Trooper husband!
And for him to take silly pictures of me looking frightened of the knights. . .
A knight!
And for me to take silly pictures of him "blending in" with the exhibits, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
A long time ago (and a galaxy far, far away!)
All in all it was an awesome day, and I had a blast wearing my new skirt around. There was a hint of sadness though because this museum is actually going to be closing for good at the end of this year. :( The collection will all be moved to another museum in Worcester, but in my opinion, it won't even be one tenth as cool as it is now, in this building that was built specifically to hold the collection, and made to look like a castle inside! Also, the museum has all kinds of cool things like this Star Wars day event, and other completely amazing events like a sleepover event for kids! It's just so sad to see it go. If you live in the area and have an interest, you should totally check it out before it's gone! (And, if you want to read more about the museum closing and why, you can check out this Boston Globe article which talks about it).

I took a lot of pictures as I went along working on this dress, and a few of them are on my Instagram page. . . Additionally, here are a couple that I like. . .

A close-up of one of the knights:
Detail of knight aplique
And, the skirt laid flat, before I sewed up the back seam and attached the waistband:
Skirt laid flat, pre-sewing the back seam
Really, the only down side to this project is that there aren't more occasions in my life that call for a dress covered in knights in shining armor! And of course that this awesome museum is closing. Here's to hoping the museum(s) that end up receiving these pieces display them for all to enjoy!
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