1910s Day Ensemble

There are so many things going on this year (2012) because it is 100 years since Titanic sank (and more pleasantly, 100 years since Fenway Park opened!), and I could hardly miss out on having some 1910s dress-up fun!
Dress Diary
I've been plugging away at making the "Armistice Blouse" by Folkwear (#210), and so far, it's great! Seams and markings line up, and everything is well explained. Love it! The only thing I don't love is that I can not find buttons to match my fabric! So for now, the center panel is just pinned in place. . .
Armistice blouse, sans sleeves
The sleeves are under way too. . . I did the little plackets for the openings, but still need to assemble and attach the cuffs. . . And then set the sleeves in to the blouse of course!
Sleeve plackets
I managed to finish the Armistice blouse (well, minus closures, as I have yet to find buttons I like well enough, and may just use hooks and eyes instead), as well as whip up a skirt from Butterick #4092, in time to wear at Dress U last weekend!
Finished ensemble, front view Finished ensemble, back view
Today I attended a stroll and tea which required a hat as part of the dress code. I didn't yet have a yat, nor did I have a ton of time, so I made do with what I had on hand and nearby. I used a cheap party store straw hat, soaked and shaped and left over night to dry - which it didn't! So this morning, I spent time going over it with my hair dryer, which got it mostly dry. Then I took a long strip of fabric and fashioned it into something bow-ish. For such a quick and not-premediated project, I'm surprised with how happy I am with the result! And, it was a blast to wear. I feel there will be more giant 1910s hats in my future!

Here it is in the picture below, worn too far off to the side, because during the course of the stroll, I discovered this hat is definitely a two-hat-pin hat!
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