Pink & White Striped Set, c. 1775-85

Dress and matching petticoat, of pink and white striped cotton, lined in cotton. Inspired by dresses in the films "Jefferson In Paris" and "Affair of the Necklace." Dress pattern based on the c. 1770-85 dress from Patterns of Fashion 1. Construction method was to make the lining first, then mount the fashion fabric pieces onto the lining. Petticoat made of my own pattern. Sash in pink silk taffeta. Cap in cotton organdy from the Kannik's Korner pattern, with pink silk ribbon. Fichu of white voile. All items sewn by hand with cotton or silk thread.
Dress Diary
The idea for this project started several years ago when I caught glimpses (literally - they are in such short scenes!) of similar pink and white striped dresses in two different films, "Affair of the Necklace" and "Jefferson In Paris." Seeing as how I love the 18th century, stripes, and pink, it was clear I'd have to have one!
Finding the right fabric proved to be quite a challenge. I started out trying to find a silk taffeta, but the only thing was well beyond out of my price range! In fact, the only thing I could find that fit the criteria of being pink and white, and in a stripe pattern, was this cotton that I found at JoAnn's. It's probably not period-correct, but my goal with this ensemble is more about froofy over-the-top fun than period authenticity, so I'm willing to settle. (Of course, since this time, I've found more than one affordable option that would have been perfect. . . Isn't that always the way of it!)
Pink & white striped fabric
So over the past few weeks, I've been working off and on, hand-sewing the petticoat. I'm happy to say it went well and I am completely happy with the results! Next, it will be on to the dress. I am thinking of making it a zone-front, and of going with full-length sleeves, since I don't have any 18c dresses yet with either of those features, but I haven't settled on it for sure. I'm just going to start by assembling the lining and then start playing around and seeing what I think looks the best, and go with that!
Just a quick couple of progress shots. . .
I put the finishing touches on my dress over the weekend, and debuted it at CostumeCon. As you will see, I decided not to go with the zone front and full-length sleeves, partly in the interest of time, and partly because I was thinking I could wear it like this for CostumeCon, then convert it to a zone-front for Costume College, and it will be like having a new dress! I was glad I went this way because it was a stress-free project, and I was totally happy with the results. My need for pink and stripiness was satisfied!
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