Cardinal Red Cloak & Accessories, 18th Century

Red cloak made from red wool, red silk thread, and silk ribbons. The pattern is from "Costume Close-Up." Mitts being worked from sport-weight wool ("Nature Spun Sport" from a pattern by Gloria S.
Dress Diary
Every 18th century girl needs a "cardinal red" cloak, and I've decided it's time to make mine! It will be of nice warm red wool, and will tie with red silk ribbons. Just perfect for the cold New England winter ahead!

I've been scheming about this project for a while, but since I'm finally getting started on it this weekend, I figured it would be a good idea to set up a page for it. So, to start off, here is a picture of my fabric and the ribbons that will become the ties:
Fabric & ribbons
So, over the past year or two, I've managed to cut out and seam the pieces to make the cloak part of the cloak, if you know what I mean, and then left it. . . Until Saturday when I suddenly finished the whole thing! And, promptly wore it the very next day. Go me. :)
Finished cloak
I've decided to add some knitted mitts to my outerwear ensemble. I'm using a fabulous pattern created by my talented friend, Gloria. Here is how far I am (which is not very far, but it is a start):
Starting the first mitt
I'm feeling pretty accomplished because this pattern called for a crazy method for starting out which involved having live stitches on both ends of your work, and then bringing them together. . . And I managed to do it! Go me!
Joining top cuff - step 1   Joining top cuff - step 2   Joining top cuff - step 3
It's starting to look like a real "something" now. . .
Half of a mitt
It really is starting to look like a mitt - so exciting!
Almost done with the first mitt
Almost there with the first mitt!
First mitt just needs facing and finishing
As of yesterday, the mitts are officially finished!
Finished mitts!
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