Chemise à la Reine, c. 1785

Made with cotton voile, handsewn with cotton thread, and gathered with cotton tape. Based off the pattern from “The Cut of Women’s Clothes.” This dress is very special to me because of how many of my dear friends had a hand in making it possible for me to have and wear it. My deepest thanks go to Johanna for enlarging the pattern for me and for making the fabulous hat that perfectly finished the outfit, to Katherine, Aubry, Sara and Jenny-Rose for stealing the dress form my suitcase and finishing it after I’d given up on it because I was sure it couldn’t be finished in time, and to Jenny-Rose for kindly lending me the pink petticoat and silver sash you see in the pictures.
Dress Diary
There isn't too much to say on this one except that I have the fabric (actually already had it in my stash, even!) and am daydreaming about this one. . . But I'm so unspired by how my costuming buddies are making lovely dresses - and so swiftly! - of this style, that I doubt it will be long before I begin mine!
Shortest dress diary ever! Ha ha ha! Well, I plugged away at this off and on, and then spent my first two days of Costume College 2007 trying to finish it, before ultimately giving up, due in no small part to feeling a bit under the weather. Good thing I have some really truly awesome friends, who stole it from my suitcase and finished it for me, in time to wear to the Gala! They are amazing, and I love them forever!
Left to right: Sara, Aubry, Katherine, (myself), and Jenny-Rose. . .
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